The Sharp Roku TV is a good entry-level 4K UHD TV. The TV is known to offer super interface that is powered by Roku. It is a good smart TV suitable for hardened TV binge watchers. Therefore know about the features of Sharp Roku TV here.

Features and Design

The LC-55 supplies images in 54.6 inches with the LED-backlit. It contains the 3840 x 2160 UHD LCD panel. The style of the TV is designed modestly with the sleek bezels and the display of the TV is quite good to look at.

The Bezel will be suitable for the 20mm VESA wall mount and not many screws will be required to make it stand. The ports belong to the modern variety. There are three HDMI ports one with the ARC which is the audio return channel and the other is the RCA analog audio out. There are also optical digital audio out and the headphone jack that people living in apartments can take benefit of.

The data connectivity arrives in the form of Ethernet on the 802. In the wifi adapter the single USB 2.0 port.

The OTA or the over the air fans can look for the inboard tuner and the coax jack for the antenna.

The Picture Quality Good for the Price

The color portrayed in the picture is good.  It has a well-known familiar blue-skewed cool palette. This takes precedence over the TV’s energy-efficient thin LED back-lighting. The lighting the LC-55 creates only 340-nits. The liquid crystal screen leaks good brightness and contrast.

The motion of the TV is smooth and supreme. You can watch the movies and shows without losing sight of the flawless motion production of the TV. The specific shots are not bad with only light shimmer and distortion. The uniformity of the screen is also excellent.

The TV did exceptionally well in the measurements and tests. This 4K UHD panel TV is a good addition to your home if you prefer good motion and color on your TV.

Sharp Roku TV Setup

The Sharp Roku TV is a smart TV designed for the ability to stream content through the internet. Moreover, The Sharp Roku TV remote is easy to use and there is also the availability of the free mobile app for you to operate the Sharp Roku TV. Besides, there are some other features like the Live TV Pause and the Smart Guide to make Roku TV a good Smart TV to use.

Before using the Sharp Roku TV you have to take the printer out of the pack. After that, attach the base or the wall mounts to perform the connections. Then you have to finish the guided setup wizard.

Sharp Roku TV

Sharp Roku TV

The Guide for Sharp Roku TV Setup

  • The Smart Roku TV remote comes with a pair of matched batteries. Next open the cover of the remote and then put in the batteries and check the polarity given for the remote and then insert the batteries according to it
  • Then Power on the TV. The standby indicator light on the TV screen will be ON. Then, This will show that the TV is ON. After that, Click on to the power button on the Sharp Roku TV remote control. At this moment the indicator light will be off and you will be able to see the startup screen
  • Now, select the language when the Sharp Roku TV powers ON. The screen will permit you to select the language. The text and dialogue on Roku will appear on the language you select
  • Next, Scroll up and down the list and click the OK button on the TV
  • After that, Choose the TV for home use
  • Then, select the wireless network from the list and then key in the password. Press connect which will connect the network to the internet
  • Now, If the connection of Roku is complete then you have to download the latest software of the Roku OS and then it will start the reboot
  • Then you have to create the Roku account for the Sharp Roku TV setup by entering the Roku activation code. The Roku TV will then keep track of all the additions and the changes you make in your TV
  • Now the Sharp Roku TV setup is complete

Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working

  • Examine the batteries of the remote and see if it is put in properly
  • The remote may have become unpaired from the box so you can try changing the network or try pairing again
  • Try resetting the Roku remote if the Sharp Roku TV remote not working
  • Look out for the HDMI interface
  • Verify the connection is stable or not

For more information regarding the Sharp Roku TV setup, you can give a call to our team on our toll-free number +1-805-283-0400.

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