Unlike every Roku player, Roku Ultra LT has very nice features that attract the customers! If you are not yet aware of it, advance further and gain the required knowledge.

About Roku Ultra LT

  • This has the powerful quad-core processor that makes the working faster
  • You can also prefer using the Ethernet cable to connect to the internet and to happily enjoy the streaming service of the Roku Ultra LT
  • Also, you can use the headphones on the remote for private listening
  • You also have the voice control on your remote
  • This means you can change channels when you are working in the kitchen
  • You can enjoy the 4k and HD streaming that is possible with the Roku Ultra LT
  • You also have the micro-sd slots that help you add external storage to the device
Roku Ultra LT

Roku Ultra LT

Cost of the device

The cost of this device is around $100

Performance of the device

  • The quality of the picture is very brilliant that you feel you are seeing it in person
  • The quad-core processor helps in the faster working of the device
  • You can make use of the voice control remote to avoid meddling with the remote control
  • If you are disturbing others with the volume, make use of the headphones for which the jack is available in the remote
  • Go.roku.com/ultra software updates need not be done manually, as it will automatically take place
  • All you need to do is plug the device, complete the activation and enjoy streaming after activating the internet connection
  • The Internet connection can be in both ways – over wired or wireless

Roku Ultra LT vs Roku Ultra


  • Both of them have the USB port as well as the Mico SD ports


  • The Roku Ultra packs in the JBL headphones, whereas the Roku Ultra LT, does not have a specific headphones
  • The Roku Ultra uses a remote with 2 programmable buttons, and the later lacks those buttons
  • However, it has four-button specifically for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu

Design of the device

  • In the last few years, the development of the Roku Ultra hasn’t changed much, and the Ultra LT and it is no exception
  • It’s still a square box which is thin, rounded and 4.9 inches across
  • The top of the player has a Roku symbol
  • The ports behind are the microSD slot, an HDMI port, a power port, and an Ethernet port
  • Using the USB port on the back, you can watch your own contents using the USB that you have

Device interface

  • Like the other Roku devices, this also has the Roku OS and can be activated using go.roku.com/ultra activation process
  • Because of this OS, you can make changes in the home screen of your device
  • The home screen has many options, including My Feed, an app store to find new Streaming Channels, the Fandango Movies and TV Stores, and many more
  • If you do not want any of these, you can stop them by navigating to the settings
  • Here is also the fact that the placement of your apps can be customized
  • Any apps you like, you can download or escape
  • You can also move the apps up and down and side by side, allowing you to bring your favorite apps right up and consign those that you never use to the bottom of the screen
  • Some of Roku’s rivals have the adoption of similar systems, but apart from Apple TV, there is no other operating system that allows you to do so seamlessly

Remote of the Roku Ultra LT

Before you move on to the Roku Ultra Setup, you will need to know about the remote

The remote has the following features

  • Media-control buttons
  • Directional buttons
  • A voice search button
  • Power and volume buttons
  • With these features, upon painless pairing, these operate on newer TVs
  • As already told there are 4 dedicated buttons that hold the Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu
  • Significantly, this remote has a jack using which you can enjoy using the headphones

Contents and apps

  • Similar to the other Roku devices, this device also has many apps
  • There is Roku app available and you can use the remote in this app instead of the regular Roku remote that you get with the device
  • After you complete the setup which is completely similar to the roku ultra setup, you are free to start streaming using the device

If you have any queries about how to activate Roku, you are welcomed as our customer care executives are working round the clock. You can always contact our team on our toll-free number +1-805-283-0400.

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