Enter Roku Activation Code in Roku.com/link

We at Roku.com/link, make your experience with Roku more engaging. You will get to know about Roku and its products and the wide range of services offered by Roku to the viewers making TV viewing a pleasant experience.

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming player that provides you the simplest way to stream your entertainment on the big screen. In here, you can get more than 500000+ movies and TV episodes using free and paid process. Moreover, it consists of a lot of free channels like Tubi TV, Crunchyroll, YouTube, ABC News, etc. It also consists of on-demand videos, original series, and classic favorites, etc. All that you have to start with is to set up the Roku device and activate the device via Roku.com/link. 

Different Types of Roku Devices Including Their Features & Specifications

There are seven models of Roku streamers available in the Market. They come with Free Roku mobile app along with remote control, private listening and voice search. All the Roku com link seven models provide viewers access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes clubbed with search across 1,000+ top channels and they support Audio of DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio and Dolby ATMOS pass through over HDMI and Digital stereo over HDMI. The seven models are as under.

  • Express
  • Express+
  • Streaming Stick
  • Streaming Stick+
  • Premiere
  • Premiere+
  • Ultra
  • Roku 3

Roku Express and Express+ 

  • These are basic models from Roku com link and both of them offer a picture quality up to 1080p HD.
  • Express+ can be connected to the TVs not equipped with HDMI ports

Roku Premiere and Premiere+

  • They provide superior video quality and support 4K Ultra definition picture and HDR
  • To use these models your TV set should be 4K and HDR.

Roku Streaming Stick and Stick+ 

  • These are next to Roku express and express+ in terms of hierarchy
  • Streaming Stickis as a handy model which can be carried anywhere
  • They come with upgraded remote control along with voice control and integrated power and volume buttons
  • The picture quality of Streaming Stick is up to 1080p HD
  • Stick+ has same features as in Streaming Stick but additionally it can stream 4K Ultra   High Definition picture

Roku Ultra

  • It is the top most in the order of Roku models
  • It comes with unique features which no other Roku models have
  • The Ultra supports both 4K Ultra High definition and HDR
  • Additionally, there is a micro SD card slot and an USB port allowing the viewers to increase the in-built storage and also to telecast files from the USB drive
  • Along with voice control and power/volume buttons, the remote of this model has a remote finder feature. Ultra’s headphone jack is used for personalized watching

Top Channels on Roku Devices

Roku offers numerous top channels to its viewers and they can keep themselves abreast with those top class channels.  CBS, Netflix, Hulu, Prime video, Disney, Sony crackle, PBS Kids, DirecTV, Fox News, NBC Sports, Pluto and HBO Go are the top channels offered by Roku.

What is the Roku Activation Code?

The Roku activation code will appear on the TV screen as soon as you complete the setup process of the Roku streaming device. This is the link code that you will input into Roku.com/link and click the Activate device option. Moreover, without the activation code, you cannot proceed for the streaming process

How Do I Get the Roku Activation Code?

Perform the following steps to obtain the Roku activation code:

  • At first, unpack the Roku package and check for the attachments that require for the setup process. After that, link one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and the other end to the HDMI port of the Roku device
  • Power up the Roku by attaching the power cable to the Roku device and the other end to the electrical outlet. Secondly, turn on the TV and choose the HDMI input of the Roku device
  • Now, you need to proceed with the on-screen prompts like selecting the language, setting display, etc. Thirdly, connect the Roku device to your home wireless network. Most importantly, you will get the Roku activation code on the TV screen
  • Make a note of this code and visit www.Roku.com/link. Moreover, if you don’t have a Roku account make sure that you create one. For this, reach the Roku sign up site and click the Create account option
  • Similarly, fill in all the details to complete the form and create your account. Provide a valid email address and password to use as credentials. Finally, choose the mode of payment, pay your bucks, and then the account is yours


How to Activate Roku Using Roku.com/link?

  • Firstly, open a new web browser on the computer that has the same network access the Roku device
  • In the address bar, enter Roku.com/link and click Go
  • And over there, you have to provide the Roku activation code
  • Finally, click the activate device option

If you have any queries regarding Roku com link, contact our technical support team.

Roku.com/link Account Creation

Roku.com/link account is required to activate the streaming device. It helps to access entertainment across thousands of streaming channels. You can watch TV programs and series at your preferred time. Roku paid account is set up by using a Credit Card or a PayPal account. There is also a choice to set up a free Roku.com/link create account. Roku does not charge for installation, activation or support. If the viewer would like to watch pay channels in the future, Roku asks for the Credit Card or PayPal details.

Guidelines to create Roku account without Credit Card or PayPal

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In the first place reset the Roku device by going to the option system. Tap on Advanced system settings and press Factory reset. Now, four digits will come up on the screen. Enter the four digits you see on the screen and as a consequently your Roku device will reset. As a result, the Roku logo will appear on the screen. Thereupon select your language and connect to your WIFI network.Consequently your TV’s best screen resolution is chosen. Thereupon activate your Roku by going to the web browser.

The web browser contains three boxes and the box named, “Enter the Code” will have a four digit alpha-numeric Roku activation code, note down  this four digit alpha-numeric for later use. Subsequently you have to key in some particulars in the custom web address, https://my.roku.com/signup/nocc. Then reach your Personal Computer, laptop, Smart phone or tablet and open the aforesaid custom link. Generate a new Roku com link account by entering your general data like first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and gender

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Thereupon select the check box agreeing to the terms and conditions. Then click the check box, “I am not a Robot” and key the captcha to assure the system that you aren’t a robot. Likewise, go to the next section and it will ask if you want your Roku pin code before you make your purchase. Set up any four digit roku.com/link code of your choice and click on continue and your Roku.com/link create account is setup. Thereupon go to roku.com and enter the four digit alpha-numeric Roku activation code that you noted down and click submit

In the next section when prompted if you have a Roku account, click on, “Yes, I already have one” and sign in using the account credentials you just created.Thereupon refresh the browser if you don’t see anything on the screen. When asked to enter your payment details, scroll down and click on the option, “Skip, I’ll add later”. Furthermore in the next screen give a name to your device and the Roku.com/link account creation process is over. Consequently now go to your TV to setup your Roku device. Accordingly, Roku will update your channels

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Guidelines to create Roku account with Credit Card or PayPal

  • In the first place visit the webpage, Roku.com/link. Subsequently tap on the roku.com/link sign in link and sign in to your Roku account with your credentials. Update under the payment method
  • Thereupon you will find two choices, “Pay with credit card” and “Pay with PayPal”. Furthermore in particular select any one choice based on your preference. Roku will now seek the billing information. Consequently, follow the steps below based on the payment gateway you want to opt for.
  • If you select to Pay with credit card, Enter your credit card details like, Card number, Expiry date and CVC and click set payment method. Additionally Key your credit card details again before clicking the submit button
  • Likewise, if you select for paying with PayPal, enter your PayPal email, enter your address and phone, etc., then click submit. At this point, Roku re-directs you to the PayPal homepage to login and confirm you are linking Roku to PayPal. Consequently, In PayPal webpage enter your PayPal account details and then click set payment method

Roku.com/link and It’s Uses

The website is used to activate Roku.  Input the Roku link code displayed on your TV in the Roku.com/link.  Follow the instructions for creating your Roku account explained in Roku Account Creation steps.

Troubleshooting Tips To Avoid Roku Activation Errors

  • Activation and connecting to Roku device is very easy.  Occasionally, you might face some issues and may get messages like, “Unable to connect to wireless network” or “Not connected to the internet”.  However you may trouble shoot the Roku.com/link activate issues as per the below guidelines.
  • Connect the Roku device to your home network in the similarly way you connect your computer or mobile device. Simply choose your wireless network name and key the right password.
  • A wireless linking is established from your Roku streaming device to the access point or router. The router will then grant permission to the internet by a broadband service connection by your internet service provider, or ISP.
  • For Roku streaming devices that coming with an Ethernet port, you can link to your router using an Ethernet, or wired network cable.
  • If you face any connection issue go to the settings menu of your Roku device. Click on Network and then on Check connection and conduct a two part trouble shooting.
  • The first trouble shooting steps scrutinizes for a connection to your home network and tests the quality of the signal.
  • The second trouble shooting steps scrutinizes the internet connectivity and measures the connection speed.

Steps to Resolve Activation and Connectivity Issues

[icon_timeline][icon_timeline_item time_title=”1.In the first place keying the correct name for your wireless network”][/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”2.Likewise key the password correctly”][/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”3.Furthermore ensuring that the router is functioning properly”][/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”4.Moreover improve the wireless signal connectivity strength”][/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”5.Additionally restart the Roku device and the router”][/icon_timeline_item][/icon_timeline]


HDCP error detected ?

When your Roku device detects that the HDMI link with your TV or audio/video receiver (AVR) does not support the HDCP, the copy and content protection technology it will flash a “HDCP Error Detected” message with error code 020, or it may display a purple screen. To fix this problem please visit, go.roku.com/hdcp

How to Connect Roku to TV ?

Connecting Roku to TV is very easy and hassle-free experience. Roku unlocks countless entertainment options available for you. There are 7 models of Roku streaming device catering to your preferences. Please visit go.roku.com/selectinput for further information on connecting Roku to TV.

How do I stop Roku from overheating ?

Roku overheating happens when the viewer uses the device uninterruptedly without time gap. Overheating of the Roku device may lead the device to burst. It is recommended for the Roku user to then and there check for the overheating warning. Prevent Roku overheating by unplugging the power cable and plugging back after some time. Never keep your Roku device in direct sunlight or closed space and near other electronic equipment.

How can I watch live programs on Roku ?

Roku live tv is a great feature offered by Roku.  There are many channels available in Roku that are useful for the viewers to watch a program live. Viewers can subscribe to the channel’s Direct TV now, Hulu + Live TV, fubo TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV and enjoy watching live programs on Roku.

How to set Roku parental control ?

Roku Parental Controls feature is useful for the parents to have a control on their kids’ viewer preferences.  Roku parental controls can be set up by generating a PIN. Parents should use this PIN to access the Parental Controls Menu on Roku. The PIN won’t filter channels or block content automatically. Parents can go to, my channels option in the Roku home page and select the channels they want to be removed.


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